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The pleasure of water skiing

One of the most popular water sports is water skiing; it is a sport that requires good physical conditioning, as one must have good reflexes and balance; sliding through the water at high speed creates a great adrenaline rush for those who practice this sport.

It can be practiced as a professional sport and participate in competitions or just as much fun on weekends and holidays; it is practiced with bare feet or on skis that allow you to glide through the water by pulling a boat with a rope.

Certain paraphernalia, including a life jacket, must be used for water skiing. In any sport, professional or recreational, one of the most important aspects we should always remember is safety precautions.

To start water skiing, a person must be bent over the skis and hold on to the cable that is connected to the boat. When the boat begins to accelerate, the skis begin to slide on the water, at which point the skier must sit and remain upright.

Boats usually reach speeds of 56 km / h, although this will largely depend on the experience of the skier, you must also respect the maximum speed on the beaches, which should not exceed three knots, and there should always be a person in the boat for the safety of the skier.

Vests are one of the most important accessories. 

As we mentioned before, the priority in the practice of any sport is the safety of the practitioner, in this sense, those who water ski should have a vest that can help them in case of capsizing or losing control and surfacing in the water.

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